What is Bring it Home Communities?

Bring it Home® aims to provide a truly local alternative to the major listing portals, with the goal of returning real estate back to the community. The model includes a robust and eloquent consumer platform that bridges a long-standing gap between homebuyers and real estate agents and brokers.  

Bring it Home offers a community-based real estate portal featuring current real estate listings along with community news, lifestyle, and market conditions.

Even in these trying times, the Real Estate market has done well. Combine that with the well-known fact that consumers spend more in the first six months of acquiring a home than they do during the entire time of owning the home, and you’ve got an ideal advertising environment. Bring it Home is looking to pair small business with consumers during this period to produce the much-needed visibility to companies wishing to encourage consumers to acquire products and services related to the home, and at no cost to them.

How is it different to the other listing sites, like Zillow and Realtor.com?

Through our award-winning home search technology, our mission is to provide a truly local alternative to the major listing portals, with the goal of returning real estate back to the community. Each Community has its own Bring it Home site, such as www.BringitHomeOrangeCounty.com, www.BringitHomeColoradoSprings.com, so local businesses now have the opportunity to advertise to their perfect audience; home buyers!

I run a small business, I can’t afford to advertise on large listing sites like yours, can I?

You certainly can with Bring it Home Communities! In fact, that’s exactly the reason we created a local listing site for every single MLS/Association. Every home listed on your local MLS by your local real estate Brokers and Agents will feature on your local Bring it Home site, with your banner ads strategically placed around the properties being viewed by consumers who live/plan to live in your sphere of influence!

I’ve done banner ads before; they didn’t work for me!

We aren’t surprised to hear that because traditional banner ads don’t work! That’s why we partnered with Ad Persistence and have integrated their patented banner ad technology into every single Bring it Home site and mobile app.

Why is Ad Persistence different to a normal banner ad provider?

Have you ever seen an ad on a mobile app that catches your eye, but it disappears before you can click it? Ever been on a website and go back to the previous pages to find an ad you liked, but couldn’t find? You’re not alone and it’s costing advertisers like you, sales! Unfortunately, this is just how traditional banner ads work!

Our banner ads, through the Ad Persistence technology, have solved this problem by including a “My Offers” tab where we store your ads for our home searching visitors so they can view, click, take advantage and share on whichever platform they like! Your ads can’t be lost, forgotten or missed, and even better, you can control your live ads yourself in your Ad Persistence account.

So… what’s the cost for me?

With our pre-sale offer, you get a 50% discount for the first 3 months, so you’ll only pay $250! You won’t be charged until your ads are created and go live – we’ll let you know when this will be, but we plan for it to be before November 1st!

Are there any contracts or set up fees?

We offer a one-time ad creation fee of $50.00 which includes ad images sized to 150 x 150, 400 x 400, 300 x 250 and 728 x 90. There is no cost should you provide the images.

How can I become a customer?

By clicking here to submit your order and securing your place today!


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