Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a truly local alternative to the major listing portals, with the goal of returning real estate back to the community. The model includes a robust and eloquent consumer platform that bridges a long-standing gap between homebuyers and real estate agents and brokers. Its robust functionality includes aligning the dreams of future homeowners with the true cost of ownership, based not just on the value of the home, but also on their lifestyle.

This model engages the guidance, data access and governance of the local MLS/Association.  Our implementation generates recurring non-dues revenue through the patented Ad Persistence advertising platform.

This approach strongly positions the MLS/Association in the middle of this real estate ecosystem, which includes:

  • A beautiful and local consumer listing portal
  • A robust Agent/Broker mobile app
  • A relationship with the local newspaper and tv stations
  • The ability to generate a recurring advertising revenue model

Our team will manage and direct the entire ecosystem.

  • Produce and manage the local consumer portal
  • Create and manage the local agent mobile app
  • Provide MLS member education and market support
  • Manage all aspect of advertising, including ad sales, creative services, ad distribution, back-end reporting, customer service and training

This is the first complete turn-key system using patented technology from Realty Times, TLC Engine and Ad Persistence.

Our Mission

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