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“Players Edge has been an instrumental part of my marketing since starting my company. Having so many people see my banner ads has helped me grow my business month over month. I recommend Players Edge to any business wanting to expand their client base.”

David O’Hara, O’Hara Bookkeeping, Colorado Springs CO

O'Hara Bookkeeping

A unique opportunity to reach consumers in four exclusive advertising spaces at major retailers within your local area. The Players Edge Lottery Picks application is available at select retailers, allowing shoppers to access AI-generated lottery selections for free directly in-store.

The Players Edge app has seen tremendous adoption rates.  Given the high weekly foot traffic and lottery ticket sales volumes processed—often exceeding 4,000 per location—your advertisements will achieve significant impressions.

There is strong consumer demand for our AI-powered lottery selection technology. In November alone, Players Edge accurately predicted winning numbers resulting in 5 jackpot wins totaling over $1  billion in prizes. This proven track record of success ensures that shoppers will regularly engage with the application to inform their ticket purchases.

This exclusive sponsorship opportunity provides a direct path to reach this highly valuable in-store audience at the critical moment they are making lottery play decisions.

We currently serve over 4,000 store locations, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New Jersey, Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft Lauderdale, Chicago, Miami, San Jose  CA,  San Francisco CA, San Diego, CA. New locations are added each day.