Players Edge Lottery Picks

While current market conditions may discourage significant advertising spend, limiting promotional efforts can pose risks. Positive shifts can occur rapidly, leaving those who did not maintain visibility playing catch-up.

Missing opportunities when conditions improve is a concern. Allow me to describe a low-cost marketing solution positioning your brand within the local community.

Rather than traditional posters or shopping cart ads, a new approach places your exclusive real estate branded advertisement on a mobile application that patrons frequently use while visiting area retailers. The app, Players Edge, provides AI-generated lottery numbers, offering users up to an 11% better chance of winning than random selection. The app’s results are based on two years of performance data.

Local grocery and convenience stores typically sell over 4,000 lottery tickets weekly, increasing substantially during larger jackpots. Your ad would rotate alongside three others as the sole real estate content visible to app users at each store location. While free to access on-premises, the app charges $2-5 monthly for off-site use, incentivizing engagement in-store.

Distributing your ad across 20 nearby stores costs only $99 per month with no long-term commitments. This affordable $4.50 per location fee amounts to under 20¢ daily cost per store, a prudent investment to maintain visibility where your potential clients shop. Considering over five billion lottery tickets sold in 2022 alone, the platform provides access to a substantial audience.Players Edge Lottery Picks