You could find a winning combination with Players Edge Lottery Picks™

With Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries hitting new highs, wouldn’t it be great to know a guy that knows a guy that can provide you with potential winning numbers?

Psst… check out Players Edge Lottery Picks™

Lottery enthusiasts can get lottery picks generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This machine learning (ML) technology has been in development for five years and can provide you with an advantage over a quick pick and yes, they have two years of historical data that demonstrates their numbers outperform actual drawings.

The app is designed to provide you with unlimited access at participating lottery retailers; however, they currently offer free access to all users who download the app and create an account from any location.

Recent Drawing Results
For the March 21, 2023 Mega Millions drawing

Players Edge AI numbers
Jackpot – 2, 5 match – 7, 4 match – 69

Mega Millions Drawing
Jackpot – 0, 5 match – 0, 4 match – 19

For the March 25, 2023 Powerball drawing

Players Edge AI numbers
Jackpot – 1, 5 match – 3, 4 match – 20

Powerball Drawing
Jackpot – 0, 5 match – 0, 4 match – 9

Their results have been impressive. Their testing methodology is as follows: 1) prior to each lottery drawing, they generate their lottery numbers from their AI platform, time stamp, and archive the data file. 2) When the winning number is picked, they compare the winning number against their AI-generated numbers as well as 3) against the actual lottery results, where they have been outperforming the actual lottery results with an average winning ratio that is 2 to 5 times greater than the actual lottery results.

It goes without saying that there are no guarantees that every Players Edge AI-generated number will win… yet they do demonstrate that you are at an advantage statistically. Download the app on the Apple and Google Play stores.